My on and off depression song

In general, I don’t like attaching memories or people to songs because all those feelings come rushing back every time and eventually I start hating the song… But I don’t hate this one.

A hipster friend’s iPod was on shuffle and this song played. Half way through the song, I somehow felt this song fit sadness and chaos surrounding me at that point in time. The guitar, the singer’s voice, it’s all so sad. The lyrics didn’t make much sense to me at first but after doing a little research, I found out that the talks about hating someone for so long and so hard that you forget the entire reason why you hated them to begin with.

Not only did this fit my current situation but it also made me think about my non-existent relationship with my father. My entire life I have hated him with all my heart for such a stupid reason. This song, in a way, reinforced the idea that all this negativity isn’t worth it. The reason I hated him isn’t really valid anymore and that maybe it’s time to move on.

Day old hate is bittersweet to me, I love it.

Click here for the wikipedia link to learn more about the artist and song!