The Cast of ‘Lord of the Rings’ – Ten Years Later (Part 2)

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If you didn’t catch the first part of this retrospective (shame on you) it can still be caught right here. Not wanting to forget the other great performers who made these films awesome we now being you part 2!



Cate Blanchett is one of the rare women in the business suited to playing this role. The ethereal elf queen only plays a small role, being one of the wise beings who assist Frodo on his way to destroy the ring. When the Fellowship first encounter the queen they are bombarded with psychic communications and visions. Her mysterious beauty is contrasted by the intimidation she holds over people. When in meeting with Frodo she shows him a possible future that may occur if he can’t continue his quest, and refuses his offer of the ring.

In the decade since playing an elf Cate Blanchett has continued to be…

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10 Things to Look For When Watching ‘Lord of the Rings’

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The Hobbit has been welcomed into cinemas almost a full decade after the original trilogy was brought to life, and in that time we’ve re-watched it many, many times and know practically every line and beat of action. The movies are packed with detail and over the years of production a few in-jokes and oddities were slipped in. Find out if there’s anything you missed…

#10 – The Burning Cake

That’s not a metaphor. The massive number of candles adorning Bilbo’s cake during his party leads to the entire prop going up in flames. Watch out for it in the background while Bilbo is making his speech. Ian Holm was doing such a good job they didn’t want to stop him. Also watch for Merry on stage with the band at random points during the party as Dominic Monaghan took it upon himself to play some music during filming. Meanwhile…

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Celebrity Trend: High Neck Dresses

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The hottest look in gowns lately is the high-necked collar. Maybe it’s because of the cold weather, but this trend has been popping up everywhere in the past few months.

New York Fashion Week: Supima


Carrie Underwood and Heidi Klum at the American Music Awards


Rita Ora at the MTV EMA’s


Shingai Shoniwa (Noisettes) at the Q Awards 2012


Nina Dobrev at the 19th Annual Elle Women in Hollywood Celebration


Saoirse Ronan at the Breaking Dawn 2 Premiere


Ashley Rickards at the Teen Vogue’s 10th Anniversary Annual Young Hollywood Party


Kat Graham at day 2 of Iheartradio


Chloe Moretz at the Designer Pudsey Collection in Aid of Children in Need at Christie’s


Victoria Pendleton at the British Fashion Awards 2012


Colbie Caillat at the American Giving Awards

Colbie Caillat

Paloma Faith at the VH1 Divas 


What do you think of this trend?

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Ten Years Later – The Cast of ‘Lord of the Rings’ (Part 1)

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The Lord of the Rings has become one of the greatest peaks in the cinematic landscape. It’s rare that an undertaking of this scale is launched, and is rarer is it so successful. Peter Jackson and his army of production staff accomplished something spectacular and many of the stars became household names. Jumping ahead a decade from when the trilogy was in the middle of it’s releases and we’re returning to Middle-Earth with The Hobbit. Perfect time to look back at the original stars and where they’ve ended up.


Frodo Baggins

As Frodo Baggins Elijah Wood carried much of the story on his shoulders. Over the course of the three films he must make the transition from carefree youth of the Shire to a possessed creature whose world-saving quest almost tears his mind apart. Wood portrays the very essence of bravery and resilience as he comes up against insurmountable…

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10 Most Annoying Types of Video Game Levels

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Not every game that gets released needs to be a totally original to be worth playing. Sometimes we want something familiar to unwind, or something that builds on an established formula. Nintendo have been turning out reiterations of Mario, Zelda and Pokemon games for more than two decades without it denting their sales. But there are some particular level types that get done to death. They get used so often or are so frustrating that gamers roll their eyes every time they appear. They speak of unoriginality and padding and we’ll be happy to see the end of them.

Just a quick disclaimer: there are some good examples of these level types being used, but as a whole they tend to be frustrating. Perhaps there’s an another article in that.

#10 – Weird Fetish Clubs

This one is much more genre specific than the rest of the list…

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With society’s increasing acceptance of LGBT members we are beginning to see more and more lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender characters in our media. Here Bryan E. and I bring you our favorite LGBTQ couples on television; ones that we believe offer viewers a glimpse at healthy, realistic LGBT relationships.  


1. Spencer and Ashley- South of Nowhere

Spencer and Ashley had a sweet yet tumultuous relationship that survived Spencer’s coming out, a school shooting, and Ashley’s sudden fame. Their relationship was completely realistic and relatable and both characters grew together.

2. Kurt and Blaine – Glee

Kurt and Blaine is the shining beacon of light on Glee.  Glee does a lot of things wrong, but one thing they did right was creating a realistic and healthy gay relationship with two teen boys.

3. Emily and Naomi – Skins UK

Skins UK has always showcased some great gay teen characters…

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So Guild Wars 2 is what I’m currently playing

I like it, its really cool; love the art, the environments, the characters. Visually it’s just awesome! Game play isn’t half bad either… But I don’t LOVE or OBSESS over it like my internet friends do. They WORSHIP it; pestered me for continuously 6 months (yes SIX months) to get it so we could all play together. PC gaming seriously isn’t my thing, I almost hate it. I prefer a ps3/xbox controller in my hand, not a mouse.

But anyway, we play together so it becomes a little more bearable and a little more frustrating too. I don’t have to worry about dying of boredom while I traveling and/or discovering. But it also bothers me because suddenly I’m the new one and I follow the insane stereotype of how all girls who play games are noobs and don’t know squat about thing. It’s definitely NOT like that, I’m just out of my element. Hand me a controller and I’ma kick all of your asses with my shotgun/sword and shield/fists of fury or whatever weapon. *Sighs* I’m straying from the point though.

Point is: they’re really patient and helpful (seriously, I’m the worst kind of student out there) and they’re beyond happy to see play, but ievpoewkifwqeuigh. Yes thats exactly how I feel.

I mean, I’d NEVER play guild wars 2 on my own. I’d never even consider watching the trailer simply because its a PC game. I hate PC gaming THAT much. One of my friends HAS TO be on for me to play. Otherwise, ha not a chance. I’m getting some of my real life friends to play it too, since our guild is way too male dominated, trying to add feminine touch to the guild ;)

I guess the entire point of the (semi) rant was that I’m kind of forcing myself to like something I don’t innately like =/ And it bothers me. But I guess, sometimes, you gotta do things for others and set your interests aside for 5 seconds.


I originally posted this on my tumblr page on 11th January and these were my thought back then. And they haven’t really changed much.